The program "100 Ideas for Armenia" will be finalized soon

09 November 2016
Today the RA Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Arsen Karamyan introduced the information on final process of republican youth contest of innovative projects and technological development "100 Ideas for Armenia". 

Pilot phase was launched in 2015 and due to its success in 2016 launched the final version of the program named national youth contest "100 Ideas for Armenia". 30 applications were submitted (individuals, creative groups, organizations, etc.).

"Today, in our society we have many talented youngsters who have some innovative approaches in this or that field. Often these ideas, to which we are skeptical, remain unanswered. In modern times the first pillar of the economy are competitive and innovative ideas. Through this program we are trying to promote young people who have relevant offers and products. They can be commercialized on the one hand, while on the other hand become a platform for new areas for development of innovative technologies," said Mr. Karamyan.

An expert commission was formed in the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs in which the leading experts in the areas were involved. Sectoral four nominations were included in the contest: agricultural sciences, information technology, medical and pharmaceutical, as well as the technical sciences. 

The Deputy Minister also said that the winners will take part in a similar contest conducted for the CIS countries in 2018. According to Mr. Karamyan Armenia should not only be properly represented in this international contest but also have a leading position, because our country always moves forward rapidly.

"There are interesting ideas, but they should be evaluated by the public. This contest is one of the cornerstones for revealing young talents. Among the 30 works presented, of course, there will be some that will be used effectively in our practice. Subsequently we aim to make the contest panarmenian, because we also have great potential in Diaspora," said Mr. Karamyan.

Topic modernity and practical importance of the project, realism of implementation of competitive innovative project, he idea of novelty or innovative approaches to problem solving, clarity of objectives and research tasks of the project, logical thoroughness, clarity ways to achieve them, as well as peculiarity of copyright concepts and practical recommendations on the subject, these are the criteria and approaches according to which submitted 30 works will be assessed. 

"This is one of the ways of identifying the potential of young people," says Mr. Karamyan, adding that submitted 30 applications are good indicator. According to him next year more participants will apply and try their forces in national youth contest, in the result of which undoubtedly, program implementers will have a wide selection and better ideas will come out. 

We must note that the contest will end at the end of November. Monetary incentives are also envisaged for the winners in the amount of 2 million drams (4 categories, each of 500,000 drams).
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