The Armenian-russian youth conference in Aghveran

15 November 2017
On November 15-18, 2017 at Aghveran’s resort zone, near to the youth capital 2017 Charetsavan the Armenian-russian third conference will held. 

The thematic directions of the conference are the new opportunities of Eurasian Economic Union, the mobility and interactions of the youth, state youth policy, social guaranties to the youth and young families, youth innovation, initiatives and commercialization, program activity, international and interregional relations, regional security, youth look, youth employment issues, youth entrepreneurship, youth employment issues, electronic media, blogging. 

The 80 representatives of the youth field of the Republic of Armenia and Russian Federation will participate in the conference. The representatives are state officials, national state bodies, responsible field employees, young leaders, researchers, representatives of the youth organizations. 

The main aims of the conference are: to support to the strengthening of the Armenian-russian cooperation in the field of the youth policy, to facilitate the policy in appropriate fields of the youth problems voicing and stimulate to the interdental cooperation of the youth needs. 

The official opening ceremony will held on November 16, at 10:00-11:00 at Aghveran’s «Ararat resort» hotel.
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