Results of Armenia's 2018 Athletics Championship are known

22 May 2018
At the Artashat city stadium, about 115 athletes-athletes from Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Kapan, Artashat and Artsakh Republic sports schools, sports companies participated in the Championship of Armenia. 

In the women’s competition 100m running, Gayane Chiloyan (12.07), 100m hurdles by Meline Adamyan (16.11), 200m running, Gayane Chiloyan (25.15), 400m running, Gayane Chiloyan (55.85), 800m running, Lilit Harutyunyan (2.19.39 Janna Shahnazaryan (10.61 points), Zhanna Shahnazaryan (49.46), spear fence, 1500m running, Ella Alaverdyan (4.56.38), YanaAbrahamyan (5.46), Mareka Minasyan (12.36) , Maryam Mkrtchyan (34.64), Zenna Shahnazaryan (31.80) and Diskussion College (51.90) and 4x400 in Vanadzor The team of the Olympic athletic school (4.09.07) became champions.

In men's competition Narek Ghukasyan (57.19), 800 meters, Narek Ghukasyan (49.64), 400 meters, Narek Ghukasyan (57.19), 800 meters, Rafael Petrosyan (11.47), 200 meters, Razmik Mkrtchyan (22.30) Yervand Mkrtchyan (8.33.74), Artak Hambardzumyan (7.42), Levon Aghasyan (16.65), Roman Alekanyan (1.55.61), Yervand Mkrtchyan (3.52.90), 3000 meters, , Manuk Manukyan (15.99), Melik Jenoyan (60.18), Manuk Manukyan (50.80), 4x100 gymnastics school team (44.54) and 4x400 ntsavazk Gyumri R. Team Emmyyan team (3.34.59) became champions. 

According to the results of the championship Armenian national teams will be formed which will represent our country in international competitions, European Championships in small countries, U20 and World Championships in adults.
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