Debuty Minister Sargis Avagyan had a meeting with the German Bundestag deputy Andre Hani

06 December 2018
Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Sargis Avagyan had a meeting with member of the Bundestag deputy of the German Bundestag Andre Hani. 

The sides discussed a wide range of issues relating to organizational, disabled and professional sports, as well as issues related to sports in general. "The problems of people with disabilities are in the focus of the Armenian government today, and the state budget allocates funds for the participation of Armenian athletes in paralympic games," the deputy minister said. He also informed that the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia is implementing several events designed for people with disabilities. Andre Hen has talked about the peculiarities of disabled sports in Germany, noting that the best option would be to define equal conditions for disabled and non-disabled coaches. 

Regarding this issue, Deputy Minister Sargis Avagyan informed the guest that in accordance with the procedure set out in the Republic of Armenia, athletes with disabilities, along with other athletes, also receive appropriate rewards and receive a nominal pension.
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