Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia was created in 2007 as a result of restructuring the State Sport Committee of Physical Culture and Sport adjunct to the Government of the Republic of Armenia. 

 “Staff of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia” State Administration Institution that operates with 11 structural subdivisions (6 Departments and 5 Divisions) was created by RA Government decree N 825-N dated on 12 July 2007 in accordance with procedure established by 4 and 4.3 points of the RA President Decree NH-1064 dated on 6 March 2002.

Authorized government body for the Physical Culture and Sports field was set up and is operating totally more than 90 years.

 Our Ministers` 

 Gabriel Ghazaryan holds office since 10 October 2018

 Levon Vahradyan 12 May 2018

 Hrachya Rostomyan 2016-2018

 Gabriel Ghazaryan 2014-2016

 Yuri Vardanyan 2013-2014 

 Hrachya Rostomyan 2012-2013
 Arthur Petrosyan 2010-2012

 Armen Grigoryan 2007-2010


 Since ancient times during many pagan festivities rooted in the everyday life of Armenian people (Navasard, Vardavar, Barekendan, Jrorhnerg, Tsaghkazard, Trndez, Zatic, Feast of St. Sarkis, Hambardzum) sporting events and games from such sports disciplines like wrestling, boxing, hockey, jogging, archery and etc. have been organized. 
 Sport programs of the Armenian National festivities had much in common with the programs of Ancient Greek Olympic Games which gave athletes the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games.

 It is well known that Tiridates III from the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia was the winner of 265th Olympic Games among wrestlers being held in 281. During his reign Christianity was proclaimed as a state religion in 301.
 In competitions among boxers king Varazdat from the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia was proclaimed as Champion. On 8 May 1998 marble bust of 291st Olympic Games (385 year) Champion Varazdat from the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia was placed on the territory of IOC Olympic Academy in Olympia (Greece) by the initiative of NOC of Armenia. 
Various sports disciplines, games and physical exercises reached Ancient and Medieval Armenia from ancient times have had a positive impact on creating the Armenian National physical education system.
 That system included: 
1. Domestic and individual physical education headed by the coaches;
2. Physical education in educational centers; 
3. Military and physical education in the army. 

 From the second half of the 18th century in Armenia and in some Armenian communities physical education, education and culture had some progress. New Armenian schools were opened at the St. Lazarus Island in Venice, Istanbul, Echmiadzin, Astrakhan, Moscow, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Shushi and other places. “Physical culture” subject was studied at this and many other schools, sports competitions, games, campaigns and excursions were organized for pupils. Little later both in Armenia and the Armenian communities sports clubs and various sports groups are started to organize, Pan Armenian sports competitions and 11 festivals were held, famous athletes and sports figures were appeared. 

Physical culture and sport were on the rise in the first Republic of Armenia (1918-1920), which continued during the Soviet period and continues today.